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About Us

It’s an honor to introduce to our friends and clients of our store and what is the Rock company shop specialized for.

First of all I want to show what the main industry in Bethlehem City is? Bethlehem's position as an important Christian city has for centuries attracted a constant stream of pilgrims. Handmade and touristic industries are the main industry for Bethlehem. Olive wood carving and Mother of pearl give numbers of family they own income for living since long time ago. Bethlehem is Famous is Olive wood Carving such as Nativity Sets, Figures, Faceless , Crosses, Rosaries, Christmas Ornaments , Etc. Mother-of-Pearl carving has been a Bethlehem tradition since the art was introduced in the 14th Century.

Our souvenir shop obtains the wide collection of different items such as, Olive wood Figures, Nativity Sets, Holy Family, Rosaries, Mother of Pearls, Jewelries, Malachite stone of Israel, Cross of Jerusalem, Icons , Christmas ornaments and lot.. 

Thanks for your continuous love and support our services continue to grow.

Best regards 

Tony Rock 
The rock Company 
Bethlehem - The Holy Land